You Are the Doncopolitan

 “We believe in you...”

A magazine is only as interesting as the people who help to create it. And we think the people of Doncaster are a pretty interesting bunch. We feature world-class artists in our magazine partly because we believe the people of Doncaster deserve the best, but also to help shine a spotlight on our home-grown talent.



GuidelineS for submissions:


Art & Illustration:

We warmly welcome unsolicited submissions in any genre, non-fiction and fiction in both prose and poetry, but we freely admit to having a bias toward new and/or alternative voices; especially those who hail from (or whose material is relevant to...) Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Editorial pieces should be kept to around 1000 words and reviews 300 words each. Each print issue of the Doncopolitan is loosely themed, so please contact us before submitting material for print publication. Website submissions are unrestricted as long as the material is factually accurate and not likely to cause offence (intentional or otherwise) to named individuals, minority groups and/or vulnerable members of society.



We originally created the magazine to showcase artists relevant to Doncaster and each print edition includes the work of a featured artist on the front cover and centre pages. If you think this could you please get in touch. We're also constantly on the look out for new illustrators, both for the print edition of the magazine and to illustrate articles for the website.


We're committed to giving a boost the sorry state of the creative industries in Doncaster. We've already helped a number of up and coming designers, so if you're a designer who knows their way around the Adobe Creative Suite and you'd like to get some experience working with Doncaster's most exiting arts and culture project then we want to hear from you too.


Our editors are passionate about photography and warmly welcome images of Doncaster and its people. We're actively looking for relevant fine-art, fashion, landscape, portrait, architectural and social commentary pieces for publishing both online and in print. We are particularly interested in self-initiated photography projects whether they're still in development or completed.

We're also collecting a series of square format images of Doncaster known as Doncograms which will feature on the website and in future printed magazines.

Fashion, Boutiques & Local Business:

We're keen to promote Doncaster's local economy and want to hear from local fashion designers, independent traders and entrepreneurs (especially of the social variety).

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