About the Doncopolitan

 “If you want to be a city, act like a city!”

The idea for the Doncopolitan magazine first emerged a couple of years ago when Doncaster was applying for their latest ‘city bid’ - a race between British towns where the Queen gets to convey the title of ‘city’ on a town of her choosing.


It seemed evident to us that the first thing you needed to do if you wanted to be a city, was act like a city!


Our magazine aims to provide an independent voice for Doncaster. We will big up anything which has the potential to add to Doncaster’s metropolitan appeal and strengthen the local economy - or as we call it, the Donconomy. We celebrate Doncaster’s culture, arts, style, music, people, fashion, lifestyle, architecture and even its coal-black underbelly.


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Doncopolitan   is a horne&draper production


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